Body bone للعلاج الطبيعي


Just lay on it and relax. Feel the relaxation after a hard training session or work day. An outstanding and anatomically aligned tool, the Bodybone – made in Germany – can be used methodically in any therapy and training to loosen up tensions and block adesin the entire spinal area.

A special attachment, developed in particular for triggerpoint-and acupuncture massage, is positioned on one end of the Bodybone.

Due to the size and stiffness of the material the Bodybone can be placed on spinal areas, where a smooth expansion will relax the stressed muscle. Extremely effective while applied in a massage of tense lateral spinal muscles, the LWS area, as well as all muscles on the surface and extremities. As an additional weight very useful for back training, abdominal and extremities training in the field of fitness and therapy.

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