جهاز علاج طبيعي 4 نظام (بالحرارة – بالزبزبات – سوفت – اوتوماتك) ياباني مستعمل


Potential therapy mode

Relief of headache, stiff shoulder, insomnia,
chronic constipation
Standard waveform (plus: minus = 5: 5) potential treatment.

Hyperthermia mode

Relieves neuralgia and muscle pain
Improves blood circulation, loosens stiffness, and improves gastrointestinal
You can adjust the temperature in 6 steps.

Soft treatment mode

It is a soft waveform potential
treatment. (Plus: Minus = 1: 9)
You can use it properly with the standard waveform potential treatment
according to your medical condition and constitution.

Automatic switching mode

There was a drawback that the body got cold
due to the coldness of the energizing mat during the electric potential
treatment, but by automatically switching between the heat and the electric
potential, it is a treatment mode that allows the electric potential
treatment to be warm and warm.


Brand name Medic AT 9000 MC
Medical device approval number 219AGBZX00033000
Commodity composition AT 9000MC main body, main body cover, thermal energizing mat, thermal energizing mat cover, test lamp, cord support (5 pieces), power cord, insulating mat, insulating rubber plate (4 sheets), instruction manual / warranty
Size Height: 220 mm, width: 400 mm, depth: 285 mm
weight About 11.5Kg
Rated power supply voltage / frequency 100V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption (potential) 15W (at 9KV)
Power consumption (heat) 52W
Output voltage 1 ・ 3 ・ 5 ・ 7 ・ 8 ・ 9KV
Timer (potential) 30 minutes 1 ・ 2 ・ 4 ・ 6 ・ 8 hours
Timer (heat) 30 minutes 1 ・ 2 ・ 4 ・ 6 ・ 8 hours
ISO9001 (Quality Management System) JQA-QMA11741
ISO13485 (medical device application) JQA-MD0013
Conformity inspection certificate number JET2188-95003-1002


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